What are the benefits of being a member?

Why Join the Fraternal Order of Police?

  • The Fraternal Order of Police (the "FOP") is the largest organization of police officers in the world. With just more than 324,000 members it is still growing fast. It is also the oldest police organization. Only Law enforcement officers may be members, but individual lodges may have the option of having associate members. The Grand Lodge's executive board meets with the President of the United States on a regular basis.

  • The FOP has a full time staff with a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. There is also the National Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • The FOP has three regional "self - help" groups which are recognized by the participation of the individual state lodges in the region, e.g., Eastern States Regional Coalition, Southern States FOP Association and the Western States FOP Association.

  • The FOP is proud to be the only full service, national law enforcement organization in the country with developed, sophisticated national and state programs. Full service means an aggressive, active productive and definable legislative, labor, legal, professional, administrative and social programs.

  • The FOP sends monthly reports to the State Lodges from the National Officers.

  • You can receive unlimited legal coverage for a low monthly fee. The program allows you to choose your own attorney. It protects you criminally, civilly and on administrative incidents. This is a good program for every member of your lodge. It keeps your executive board from making unpopular legal decisions that could split your organization.

  • $5000 accidental Death, $10,000 Line of Duty Death, each lodge can upgrade if they choose to pay the extra premium. The State Lodge gives each member this coverage at no additional cost.

  • National, attend Day on the Hill in Washington DC each year lobbying for improved laws for better law enforcement. State, we have hired a lobbyist that is working hard to better our local and State laws.

  • Involved in programs like, Easter Seals, Life Across America, Special Olympics and many others that promote the good things about law enforcement, and our involvement with the communities we work in.

  • Throughout the year the FOP sponsors several types of training, at various locations.

  • The FOP has been the driving factor in making May 15 recognized nationally as the Police Officer Memorial Day, along with building the Police Memorial in Washington D.C. Unity, a combined voice is much more effective in any situation. Fraternalism is what is needed in our State.